unnecessarily morbid 1st post

very slow day...

can't wait until tomorrow; what i'm sure will be an amazing game between germany and italy followed by a bbq and fireworks. but mostly just excited about the soccer. i think germany will win 1-0, but much will depend on the referee and penalty kicks! also rooting for france and for zidane to cap off his legacy with a strong outing and perhaps even a cup. deutschland, deutschland!....

i got to see tv on the radio at a free show in brooklyn on friday after checking out the moma's vast and excellent dada exhibit. i only had time for about a sixth of what was there before the museum closed but i will definitely be back next friday. and tvotr sounded great for the most part but a couple of the new songs translated awkwardly live. i'd still really love to see them in a smaller locale...their new album, return to cookie mountain, has basically been on repeat since april. they have a blog.

and, speaking of fireworks, here's a bunch of videos on nuclear testing from the US Department of Energy. they have that great 50's cold war aura to them.

happy 4th.



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