there was a pretty spectacular lightning storm tonight in the city, so as if i didn't spend enough time staring at a computer screen at work today, i decided to spruce up the old blog a little bit. there are now links and, well, a sidebar. all that's missing are people to actually read it.

i guess i should also explain exactly why i started the blog in the first place. i'm spending the next term abroad on a media studies program with stops in new york, london, amsterdam, and berlin, with professor john schott, carleton college's resident media guru/avant-gardist. all of the trip's participants are required to keep a blog of their travels and projects and so forth. here is the site for the trip, and here is john's blog.

so, as i'm starting the trip early by spending the summer in new york, i thought i would throw something up so i could post photos and such from the summer. which, eventually, i might actually do.
stay tuned



Anonymous Tom Schmidt said...

nice blog, boris. i like the album covers and blog tracks in your sidebar. you'll have to let me know how to do that when i make my own blog.

6:28 PM  

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